Often we know that we know, but cannot make this thought fully register when faced with crisis. This sends us into a cycle of doubt and that simple seed can block a destined path. This site is meant to be a gentle reminder that HIS (God’s) GRACE IS SUFFICIENT!

By daily affirming that you are human with the inner power of the Holy Spirit you overcome the basic hindrances that seek to derail your destiny.
God can use one thing that seems like it is bad and work miracles with it so don’t be so quick to curse the situations in your life.

In Gods sight the more important issues of life are based on our love and treatment of one another. The intention here is to soften hearts. As there is a Balm in Gilead -there is healing for the soul!

We seek to break generational curses and bind here and now an inheritance of love to be passed to those coming behind us. When the Bible says set up an inheritance for your children’s children; it is not speaking of money.

Requirements for use of this site
#1 Believe in yourself!!!
#2 Get your praise on!!!