Look Mom I’m Dancing…

From the eyes and heart of a mother…

There is a road less travelled from the heart of a mother to a daughter and back that is paved with sometimes inaudible love.  On this Mother’s Day in celebration of this depth of love the path was danced by Divine Creations to Juanita Bynum’s 23 Psalm.  From mother to daughter and back again the legacy of that love was passed and will be cherished by any eye that was blessed to witness the dance.   As I watched the pairs of mothers and daughters dance I remembered parts of the road I had walked. Paths of uncertainty when my mother gave me good direction that I often refused to take as a teenager and young women.  Only to travel on paths she had already mastered with such grace that I never knew she might have already gone that way.  For when I myself became a mother I then stood at the other side of the road as my mother had waiting, patiently with that same grace, love and wisdom.

As I watched the dance I began to experience the overwhelming feeling that my mother’s hands were stretched beckoning me and my own arms were stretched beckoning my daughters.  Many years have passed since I begged for my mother to just understand who I was.  Never realizing that she already knew, for I was an extension of her.   I wanted to dance long before wisdom and experience could teach me the tools needed to handle the road.  And my mother stood there with inaudible love praying for my journey.

Many geographic miles now separate us but for that moment in time we danced with the dancers.  The inaudible became my voice and I said “Look mom I’m dancing”. And as I twirled around I saw my daughters say “Look mom we’re dancing”.  This mother’s day the Lord blessed me with passage to dance on that inaudible road for my mother.  He also gave me love, grace and wisdom to see my daughters as mothers who are also dancing on that road.

Submitted by

Min Carol Johnson