Class is in session

Class is in session: I’m Learning to trust God more, I’m learning to intentionally listen for HIS voice among the chatter, I’m learning that HIS love for me is from everlasting to everlasting and unselfish. Along my way if I get sidetracked He waits for me to self-correct and gently holds my hand as I allow the lesson to sink in, because HE wants to teach me. I don’t have to buy THIS education with money, gifts or deeds HE dispenses it freely. I need to learn these lessons for direction toward destiny as my purpose unfolds. So as I reflect I will leave some people, places, things and attitudes in this class and look forward to a new set of lessons from God. I am grateful for lessons learned and classes are open Daily if I am willing to learn.
Name of class: LIFE

I wrote this piece in the not so distant past. I honestly cannot remember what I was feeling. could it be I was trying not to feel? As I combed through each sentence, each word I tried to put significance to it. Was I happy? Was I sad? Just what type of battle was I fighting? Or was I even fighting one? The most important question would probably be, was I at a point that I didn’t trust God again? I doubt that last question simply because he has been too good to me.

The reality is I just cannot remember. I may have just been writing to encourage others but this particular piece seems like a good intro to a chapter in my unfinished book. The more I stretch my mind to remember the foggier it gets. Let this be a lesson to me that with any fresh wind I can change my season of reasoning. The significance of my finding these words today it what I will focus on. This class called life will utterly confuse me if I don’t let go and move on. There is so much more to learn.

The lessons I’ve learned have been significant for not making mistakes again, well at least not the same ones. So I think I will take the blog serious and begin to test this wisdom bestowed from the past classes and see if they can propel me into my next class…Life is truly amazing
~ Affirming Grace