Where now? What Next? (Intro)

I have been trying to avoid writing since last year.

I actually got upset that someone took one of my posts and is making a profit on it but my heart still continued to want reach out. No matter what I think I have been called to assist others and you really cannot just put that down if you really have a commission from God. So Where now? What next? These really are questions that cannot be answered because God is the captain of this seemingly misguided venture. But the reality is while I feel lost at times God is not. I know that I am not the only person who feels this way. But there is a phrase I heard at the church that birthed me. It is simple and to the point but holds a mighty charge for many of us on the run for out lives and at the same time from our lives. The phrase is simply “the way out is back through”. What a charge because it propelled me to go back through what I wanted to forget. You see the mandate is challenging because if I can not go through it at a new stage in my life I will never pass on to the point of happy. Before you even go there no I will not define happy for you. I have my (not everyday) and you should define your own. But that is just the point I am going back through so that I can get to my next point. I know you have heard many versions of what got me here blogging to the broken yet some days still feeling broken. But if you want it from the horse you need to follow along with me on this blog.

I want to say right now that this is not meant to hurt or harm anyone. This is meant to set me free for the work I have yet to do. Simply because the way out is back through. And so the story shall start. While many declare it is a Lifetime movie they need to know it is my lifetime. My pain, my tears, my mistakes, my victories and now I  seek my freedom and direction.

Where now? What next?

To be continued…