Freedom of Christians by Affirming Grace

As we celebrate a nations freedom today I began to ponder the question of why we (Christians) are not free? Why is the nation that had forefathers who pinned IN GOD WE TRUST  now passing laws in direct contrast to the very scriptures we believe in. What keeps so many of us in bondage? All kinds of groups are demanding that their freedom and rights be acknowledged except for Christians. So I ask these simple questions because many of us are locked up yet profess to be free.  As I look at the news and read articles I see so much hurt devastation and pure craziness that even the most devout christian sinks and pauses wondering have we lost the battle.  Well the scriptures tell us that Jesus got up with all power in His hands. How then if God is in control of people are so many running on this level of self-will?  A simple answer is that many of us will not read the bible and rely on someone else to give us an interpretation. If this person is fearful we too will become fearful. If this person is passive we too might become passive. And even still if this person is aggressive we may pick up that trait.So in seeking to get free we might become entangled in another level of bondage. Why?

Honestly, many of us do not do daily devotions to spend time talking to God, instead we feed on each other thus spreading fear further. One of the greatest forms of bondage is the lack of faith, this is the actual key that holds our chains and would deny us freedom. So we are yet still in bondage to this world that has not been promised to us. Then the scripture came to mind from Romans 12:21 (NLT) – Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good. This is an instruction from the scripture that gives a clear solution.Never fear I am not going to preach in this blog but I want to raise a consciousness among Christians. If it is that simple why are so many doing evil instead of good?

You see the devil will throw a rock and put his hands behind his back. He watches and is glad at all the times it ricochets causing damage to its targets. He is also happy that he can use others separating them from what is right.  Then when it lands the target it worn from exhaustion and is often shattered . DO NOT WATCH THE ROCK OR THE IMPS BEING USED.  You see he knows who protects you so he cannot throw straight at you, but destroys others to try to get a response.  SOLUTION: PRAY FOR THE LIVES BEING WRECKED ALONG THE WAY AND THAT GOD CHANGES THE HEART OF THE ONE THROWING THE ROCK.  It may seem too simple but the actual act of prayer shows that you are placing power back into the hands of God. Do not believe what you see believe what you will feel when you allow God to handle the evil you see around you. Often it is not what is happening around us but how we react to it.

Do you believe that you are free? If so act like it and pray to the one who holds the key. Let us change the question to Why am I not free? Your heart will be at peace as you rest in the assurance that God has it all in control. Begin to pray and claim your freedom.