Trying to Understand

A time to hear…This blog is from one of my favorite authors Dr Susan Smith

Candid Observations

I am really trying to understand what is going on in this country.

The Right is in the White House. We are being led by people who hold white nationalist ideas. We are being told to be afraid of Muslims, to keep Mexican immigrants out of the country. We are being told that when the news media (which does have issues) reports a fact, that it is “fake news.” We have a commander-in-chief who is shameless in his lying and hypocrisy, and aides to this man who say that his power is not to be questioned.

It feels like we are slipping into a dark, cramped space. The “drained swamp” is filled with the very people this president criticized his opponent for having relationships with. Billionaires, all over the place, are going to make policy. They, who have never done much to help America’s underclass, are going to be the…

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Freedom of Christians by Affirming Grace

As we celebrate a nations freedom today I began to ponder the question of why we (Christians) are not free? Why is the nation that had forefathers who pinned IN GOD WE TRUST  now passing laws in direct contrast to the very scriptures we believe in. What keeps so many of us in bondage? All kinds of groups are demanding that their freedom and rights be acknowledged except for Christians. So I ask these simple questions because many of us are locked up yet profess to be free.  As I look at the news and read articles I see so much hurt devastation and pure craziness that even the most devout christian sinks and pauses wondering have we lost the battle.  Well the scriptures tell us that Jesus got up with all power in His hands. How then if God is in control of people are so many running on this level of self-will?  A simple answer is that many of us will not read the bible and rely on someone else to give us an interpretation. If this person is fearful we too will become fearful. If this person is passive we too might become passive. And even still if this person is aggressive we may pick up that trait.So in seeking to get free we might become entangled in another level of bondage. Why?

Honestly, many of us do not do daily devotions to spend time talking to God, instead we feed on each other thus spreading fear further. One of the greatest forms of bondage is the lack of faith, this is the actual key that holds our chains and would deny us freedom. So we are yet still in bondage to this world that has not been promised to us. Then the scripture came to mind from Romans 12:21 (NLT) – Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good. This is an instruction from the scripture that gives a clear solution.Never fear I am not going to preach in this blog but I want to raise a consciousness among Christians. If it is that simple why are so many doing evil instead of good?

You see the devil will throw a rock and put his hands behind his back. He watches and is glad at all the times it ricochets causing damage to its targets. He is also happy that he can use others separating them from what is right.  Then when it lands the target it worn from exhaustion and is often shattered . DO NOT WATCH THE ROCK OR THE IMPS BEING USED.  You see he knows who protects you so he cannot throw straight at you, but destroys others to try to get a response.  SOLUTION: PRAY FOR THE LIVES BEING WRECKED ALONG THE WAY AND THAT GOD CHANGES THE HEART OF THE ONE THROWING THE ROCK.  It may seem too simple but the actual act of prayer shows that you are placing power back into the hands of God. Do not believe what you see believe what you will feel when you allow God to handle the evil you see around you. Often it is not what is happening around us but how we react to it.

Do you believe that you are free? If so act like it and pray to the one who holds the key. Let us change the question to Why am I not free? Your heart will be at peace as you rest in the assurance that God has it all in control. Begin to pray and claim your freedom.

War Room Prayer ( by Ms. Clara)

Prayer by Clara (from movie War Room):
You’ve done it again, Lord. You’ve done it again.
You are good, and You are mighty, and You are merciful! And You keep taking care of me when I don’t deserve it.
Praise You, Jesus! You are Lord….
Raise up more that will call upon Your name.
Raise up those that love You, and seek You, and trust You.
Raise ‘em up, Lord!
Raise ’em up!
Lord, we need a generation of believers who are not ashamed of the gospel!
We need an army of believers, Lord, that hate to be lukewarm, and will stand on Your Word above all else!
Raise ’em up, Lord!
Raise ’em up!
I pray for unity among those that love You.
I pray that You open their eyes so that they can see Your truth, Lord.
I pray for Your hand of protection and guidance.
Raise up a generation, Lord, that will take light into this world; that will not compromise when under pressure; that will not cower, Lord, when others fall away!
Raise ’em up, Lord, that they will proclaim that there is salvation in the name of Jesus Christ!
Raise up warriors, Lord, who will fight on their knees, who will worship you with their whole hearts, Lord!
Lord, call us to battle, that we may proclaim King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!
I pray these things with all my heart.
Raise ’em up, Lord!
Raise ’em up!
“Raise ‘Em Up”, from the movie “The War Room”
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.-John‬ ‭10:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬
But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.-2 Thessalonians‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Where now? What Next? (Intro)

I have been trying to avoid writing since last year.

I actually got upset that someone took one of my posts and is making a profit on it but my heart still continued to want reach out. No matter what I think I have been called to assist others and you really cannot just put that down if you really have a commission from God. So Where now? What next? These really are questions that cannot be answered because God is the captain of this seemingly misguided venture. But the reality is while I feel lost at times God is not. I know that I am not the only person who feels this way. But there is a phrase I heard at the church that birthed me. It is simple and to the point but holds a mighty charge for many of us on the run for out lives and at the same time from our lives. The phrase is simply “the way out is back through”. What a charge because it propelled me to go back through what I wanted to forget. You see the mandate is challenging because if I can not go through it at a new stage in my life I will never pass on to the point of happy. Before you even go there no I will not define happy for you. I have my (not everyday) and you should define your own. But that is just the point I am going back through so that I can get to my next point. I know you have heard many versions of what got me here blogging to the broken yet some days still feeling broken. But if you want it from the horse you need to follow along with me on this blog.

I want to say right now that this is not meant to hurt or harm anyone. This is meant to set me free for the work I have yet to do. Simply because the way out is back through. And so the story shall start. While many declare it is a Lifetime movie they need to know it is my lifetime. My pain, my tears, my mistakes, my victories and now I  seek my freedom and direction.

Where now? What next?

To be continued…

Everyday is not everyday…

There have been many times when I thought that life should be easier for me. In the midst of hard times I felt somehow robbed and to tell the truth there are still days when I wonder just when my ship will come in.  I have recently discovered that my life is actually marked with blessings and not some much of a curse as I had originally thought.  The view that I take now is simply that I am being prepared for an assignment that I really would be ill equipped to handle had I not had some on the road training.

I know some simply say okay that sounds good but what makes your life any more special than my own life. To those I say that there is absolutely nothing different about our lives. I have merely learned to accept the pre established cirruculum and glean all I can while class is in session.


Class is in session

Class is in session: I’m Learning to trust God more, I’m learning to intentionally listen for HIS voice among the chatter, I’m learning that HIS love for me is from everlasting to everlasting and unselfish. Along my way if I get sidetracked He waits for me to self-correct and gently holds my hand as I allow the lesson to sink in, because HE wants to teach me. I don’t have to buy THIS education with money, gifts or deeds HE dispenses it freely. I need to learn these lessons for direction toward destiny as my purpose unfolds. So as I reflect I will leave some people, places, things and attitudes in this class and look forward to a new set of lessons from God. I am grateful for lessons learned and classes are open Daily if I am willing to learn.
Name of class: LIFE

I wrote this piece in the not so distant past. I honestly cannot remember what I was feeling. could it be I was trying not to feel? As I combed through each sentence, each word I tried to put significance to it. Was I happy? Was I sad? Just what type of battle was I fighting? Or was I even fighting one? The most important question would probably be, was I at a point that I didn’t trust God again? I doubt that last question simply because he has been too good to me.

The reality is I just cannot remember. I may have just been writing to encourage others but this particular piece seems like a good intro to a chapter in my unfinished book. The more I stretch my mind to remember the foggier it gets. Let this be a lesson to me that with any fresh wind I can change my season of reasoning. The significance of my finding these words today it what I will focus on. This class called life will utterly confuse me if I don’t let go and move on. There is so much more to learn.

The lessons I’ve learned have been significant for not making mistakes again, well at least not the same ones. So I think I will take the blog serious and begin to test this wisdom bestowed from the past classes and see if they can propel me into my next class…Life is truly amazing
~ Affirming Grace

Look Mom I’m Dancing…

From the eyes and heart of a mother…

There is a road less travelled from the heart of a mother to a daughter and back that is paved with sometimes inaudible love.  On this Mother’s Day in celebration of this depth of love the path was danced by Divine Creations to Juanita Bynum’s 23 Psalm.  From mother to daughter and back again the legacy of that love was passed and will be cherished by any eye that was blessed to witness the dance.   As I watched the pairs of mothers and daughters dance I remembered parts of the road I had walked. Paths of uncertainty when my mother gave me good direction that I often refused to take as a teenager and young women.  Only to travel on paths she had already mastered with such grace that I never knew she might have already gone that way.  For when I myself became a mother I then stood at the other side of the road as my mother had waiting, patiently with that same grace, love and wisdom.

As I watched the dance I began to experience the overwhelming feeling that my mother’s hands were stretched beckoning me and my own arms were stretched beckoning my daughters.  Many years have passed since I begged for my mother to just understand who I was.  Never realizing that she already knew, for I was an extension of her.   I wanted to dance long before wisdom and experience could teach me the tools needed to handle the road.  And my mother stood there with inaudible love praying for my journey.

Many geographic miles now separate us but for that moment in time we danced with the dancers.  The inaudible became my voice and I said “Look mom I’m dancing”. And as I twirled around I saw my daughters say “Look mom we’re dancing”.  This mother’s day the Lord blessed me with passage to dance on that inaudible road for my mother.  He also gave me love, grace and wisdom to see my daughters as mothers who are also dancing on that road.

Submitted by

Min Carol Johnson