Prayer Requests


Most magnificent and Holy God, we come to honor and bless your Holy name, because we know no other name to call on. Lord you are the Alpha and the Omega and we know that all belongs to you. We seek your face this morning Lord, because there is pain right now, a pain so deep that it is cutting to the bone and your people are feeling despair. Lord we know you have all power and if you but speak a word there will be relief.

Today we ask for a renewing of mind and spirit to be directed toward your freedom from the oppressive thoughts that hold us captive. Lord allow us to know in our hearts that there is no condemnation in you. All feelings of guilt and shame are only tricks of the enemy because when we asked you for forgiveness, Lord when we humbled ourselves before your throne, it was done right then and there. Not like with man Lord, we didn’t need to prove a thing. You were faithful and just and forgave us. We ask for a fresh outpouring of your endless grace and mercy that we feel released from financial woes, because you shall supply all our needs according to your riches, from our toggled thoughts, because you are a mind regulator, from our ailing bodies because you are a healer, from any addictive behavior that has us falling away from your path, because you can make any crooked path straight.

So Lord, we accept your love and are hereby washed with the blood and walking in newness that only comes from you. The storms may rage but you have all power to sustain us through them. You will protect us in the valley of the shadow of death, so we will fear no evil for you are with us Lord. And we will forever praise your Holy and righteous name. It is in love and because of your undying love we pray this prayer. Amen, Amen, Amen.